Assignment 8 - The Tectonic

Assignment 8 – The Tectonic

Completed with Michelle Bootsma; model is at 1:5 scale because design, measurements, and a majority of model components were completed before the scale was changed. View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 8

Assignment 7B - Data-Driven Assemblies

Assignment 7B – Data-Driven Assemblies

View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 7B Grasshopper definitions and Rhino files:!AqPoOyST3x9DvlAbG6zI5djUdYFS Please note that even after 40+ hours of work, tutorial watching, and consulting with the TA’s, at the time of the deadline I was unable to make my attractor curve…

Assignment 7A - Data-Driven Assemblies

Assignment 7A – Data-Driven Assemblies

View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 7a

Assignment 6B - Algorithmic Thinking

Assignment 6B – Algorithmic Thinking

View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 6B Grasshopper file:!AqPoOyST3x9Du1iyOs-ZrOQIieT7

Assignment 6A - Algorithmic Thinking

Assignment 6A – Algorithmic Thinking

I explored how an almond-shaped linear component is composed of a hierarchy of points, lines, and vectors, and how this component can be altered according to various parameters including length and curvature. View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 6A  

Assignment 5 - Image Manipulations

Assignment 5 – Image Manipulations

View PDF: Charlotte Belot Assignment 5

Assignment 4 - Mapping Immaterial Flows

Assignment 4 – Mapping Immaterial Flows

Immaterial flow investigated: Colour Process and diagrams: Charlotte Belot Assignment 4 Final model:

Assignment 3 - Transformative Explorations

Assignment 3 – Transformative Explorations

View PDF: Assignment 3 Board

Assignment 2 - Precedent Drawings

Assignment 2 – Precedent Drawings

Plans, sections, and elevations of Graham House (Erickson & Massey) completed with Natalia Widomska. See all sketches below: Sketches See all drawings in the document below: Assignment 2 Final Submission Graham House

Assignment 1 - Orthographic Projections

Assignment 1 – Orthographic Projections

Assignment completed with Norika Yue Part 1 – Preliminary Sketches Charlotte Belot sketches: Norika Yue sketches: Part 2 – Working Drawings